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Global Leased SBLCs – LCs – BGs.

150,000 to 500 million USD.

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150,000 USD to 500 million USD

Issuer Group selects your bank from the banks below – based on face value amount, bank acceptance, and borrower risk profile.
After submitting your Application, you get draft verbiage and full contract for review.
6% or 10% Cost is invoiced with payment due before SBLC/BG is issued.

Credit Foncier Im Export GMBH (Germany) – CFEGDE82

Al-Amanah Islamic Investment Bank (Philippines) – AIIPPHM1XXX

Unibanque (UK) – UNBQGB22

Point Bank (UK) – POITGB21

Ace Investment Bank Limited (Malaysia) – AIBMMYKL

Standard Commerce Bank Ltd (New York USA)  — STDMDMDMXXX

Dushanbe City Bank (Tajikstan) — LCMDTJ22

UCO Bank (Hong Kong) — UCBAHKHH

UBB Investment Bank (Malaysia) — 5M USD max — UBBIMY22

PG Asia Investment Bank (Malaysia) — AINEMY22

Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited – 1M USD max per tranche & LC only — SCBLHKHH

Societe Generale (Cameroon) – SGCMCMCX

DBS Bank (Hong Kong) – 1M USD max per tranche & LC only – DHBKHKHH

Dah Sing Bank Ltd. (Hong Kong) – 1M USD max – DSBAHKHH

We will review your information and refer you to our ISSUER GROUP in Dubai UAE. They will be your legal counterparty for the transaction.

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Bank list & costs are shown as general public program description – not as any offer or solicitation – and may change without notice. All parties remain responsible for their own due diligence & legal review. Our third party marketing & referral guarantees no results and conveys no warranty attached to any downstream business with referred entities.