Capital Funding in the Americas & Caribbean: 100 Million USD & Above

Funding New Construction & Real Estate in the Americas & Caribbean.

100 million to 1 billion USD.

2 to 5% interest rate for 10 years. Some lenders require equity stake.

Total estimated costs/fees = 4 to 7.5%.

We pre-qualify serious borrowers & established global lenders. So you can do business safely with no scams.

How it works:

1. We review your Project at no cost for match with one of our lenders.

ALL lenders are 20+ years in the market.

2. If you agree to general program terms & costs, we pre-qualify your application.

3. You conduct due diligence to include approval by your legal team or Board.

4. When ready, we submit your Project to the lender. Our industry-leading process gives our Clients a 90% success rate for lender approval.

5. If your funding is approved, you remit the agreed upfront costs for underwriting & verification. You choose lump sum or deposit/installments.

All remaining costs can be financed by main or bridge loan.

6. If you follow the process, your loan can close in 45 to 90 days, at a legal office in your country in accordance with all laws & AML policies.

NOTE: Verified 25,000 USD required to apply. With all cross-border loans, you accept upfront costs ~65,000 USD. As no lender will assume all the risk in such a large transaction, this cannot be deferred or negotiated.

With us, you never pay a broker fee only for “introduction” to lenders. We get paid when you do.

If you agree to the above process, tell us about your project now to start!

Our Program Benefits May Include:

  • Full funding & low interest rates
  • No Fee Approval in two weeks
  • Loan closing in 90 days
  • 5-figure prepaid costs for 9-figure deals