We fund. You Build: 100 Million to 1 Billion USD in Latin America & The Caribbean

Looking for Venture Capital?

With Record Investment in Latin America & the Caribbean, You Can Get Funded NOW.  We fund. You build.

100% Funding. 2-5% APR for 10 Years.

Total costs/fees = 4 to 7.5%.

25,000 USD verified needed to apply.

Your ~65,000 in upfront costs can be paid in lump sum or in installments (AFTER approval & due diligence).

Unlike other brokers, we charge no fee for “introduction” to lenders. We get paid only when you do.

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Our Program Benefits May Include:

  • Full funding & low interest rates
  • No Fee Approval in two weeks
  • Loan closing in 90 days
  • Upfront costs 1/10th of a point before loan closing.

Even with the pandemic, the economic outlook for Latin America and the Caribbean is forecasted to improve in 2021. After regional GDP declined 6.7 percent (excluding Venezuela) in 2020, the region is expected to grow by 4.4 percent in 2021.

Now there are signs pointing to a rapid recovery. International commodity trading has remained strong, despite a sharp decline in services and tourism. Regional remittances were also higher than pre-pandemic, a crucial issue for Caribbean and Central America countries.

Future-Looking Lending & Venture Capital Alternatives.

Capital markets notably remained open in most countries of the region. Temporary budget deficits during the pandemic strengthened healthcare, while other proactive measures helped debtors and reduced the overall financial damage. Continued progress on vaccines — and the economic recovery they drive — will allow smart long-term investors to identify and fund high quality capital projects throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.