100 million to 1 billion USD Capital Financing in Brasil

Financing New Construction & Business in Brasil — all sectors.

100 million to 1 billion USD.

10 year loans at low 2 to 5% interest.

Total fees/costs 4 to 7.5%.

1. We review your Project for a match with one of our lenders.

2. If you accept general terms, we begin due diligence with you.

3. We receive & submit your application to the lender. Our screening process has a 90% success rate.

4. If approved by the lender, you remit deposit & upfront costs as previously agreed.

NOTE: All global lenders require ~65,000 USD in upfront costs (single payment or installments) with an insurance policy for the loan. Initial costs cannot be negotiated or deferred. Other costs are financed or deducted from loan proceeds.

5. Your loan closes & you get your money in 45 to 90 days.  

If you can accept the above process, tell us about your project now!

Our Program Benefits May Include:

  • Full funding & low interest rates
  • No Fee Approval in two weeks
  • Loan closing in 90 days
  • Low costs (5-figure USD prepaids for 9-figure loan) before disbursement

Despite harsh conditions and economic downturn during the pandemic, Brasil maintains a strong capacity for potential recovery and long-term growth. 

Our Lenders/Investors have high interest and full capacity to finance Projects throughout Brasil — in all sectors and locations.  

If you need capital funding, contact us now for immediate review of your needs and plans.