ICUMSA 45 Sugar for Gulf & Asia

IC45 Sugar for Global Buyers

CIF ASWP Worldwide

Our Seller has Brazil sugar available for serious Emirati or Asia/Global Buyers.

260 metric ton minimum order.

12,500MT or 25,000MT standard order.

Single “Spot” Order or 12 Month Contract

Our Global Team can source your Brazil sugar – and deliver to Jebel Ali or any safe working port worldwide.


1- Please provide End Buyer or Direct Representative information.

2 – Anonymous “Broker chains” are not eligible.

3 – 100% LC is available with top bank instrument.

4 – Cash/TT orders (30% deposit and 70% against documents) receive top priority.

5 – History and certifications are available for qualified Buyers.

End Suppliers are major companies & easily verified.

All Parties remain responsible for their own legal review and due diligence and convey holding us harmless for downstream business by accepting our referrals. Our Sellers & Buyers are removed from our network after ONE case of non-performance.

Our Network Delivers Results.

Brazil Sugar
ICUMSA45 ready to load.

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