We Fund, You Build in Australia.

Funding for Capital Projects in Australia

10 Million AUD & above.

Low 2-5% Interest Rates. 10 year term.

Estimated costs/fees = 2 to 7% to include an insurance policy on the loan.

Equity stake purchased by some lenders.

NO application or referral fee. Some upfront costs after approval.

Project Business Plan & Financials/POF needed to apply.

How it works:

1. We review your Project at no cost.

All our lenders have 20+ years in the global market & do business through major 5-star banks.

2. If you agree to general process & terms, we begin your application while you begin due diligence on the lender.

Our industry-leading process gives you a 90% lender approval rate.

3. If the lender approves your application, you remit deposit to them for initial verification, underwriting, and LOI with specific terms to be offered.

4. Your financing package can be completed with “money in-hand” in 45 to 90 days. Your loan will close at a legal office near you in Australia. The transaction will be conducted in accordance with all laws and AML policies.

What We Do for You:

We pre-qualify serious Borrowers & established Lenders. With no scams, we help all parties conduct due diligence & safely complete the deal.

With us, you never pay a broker fee for “introduction” to lenders. Our commission is paid only at loan closing.

If you can join the above process, tell us about your project to begin now!

Our Program Benefits May Include:

  • Full funding & low interest rates
  • No Fee Approval in weeks – not years
  • Loans close in 90 days
  • LOW upfront cost for 8 to 9-figure loans

While any financial forecast risks generalization or oversimplification, most observers expect healthy regional economies to recover — some dramatically in 2022 — from the Covid-19 downturn. 

Although 2020-21 economic progress was severely limited by the pandemic, we do have global lenders with capacity & desire to partner with your Project — anywhere in Australia.

If your bank still is too cautious to help fund what you need, give our international lending partners the opportunity to make your Project possible THIS year.